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My Reel

2012-03-15 01:23:40 by JMartin97

I put this REEL together recently, although I'm still thinking of making a few changes, probably have to shorten it. I haven't done a reel in a while, so I'm feeling a little relieved to have all my work up to date. The last few days, I've been alternating between editing and playing Rayman Origins... which is probably one of the best looking games I've ever played.

The art style of the game actually reminds me of a few people on Newgrounds. The music is also insanely good, and makes it really exciting and fun to play. I snagged it for only $15, which I almost feel bad about, since after playing you can tell how much effor the developers put in.

Go buy Rayman Origins... then check out my reel:

Space Channel 5, Power Stone, Jet Set Radio and THE END

2012-03-07 17:23:54 by JMartin97

As I've been animating the final episode of my cartoon Reboot I've been cracking open the Dreamcast library and playing some of my old favorite games. There seems to be a lot of nostalgia surrounding the Dreamcast, and for good reason, Sega really took chances with art and gameplay back then, something Nintendo should try these days..

To be honest, I think the videogame industry, or at least the console/PC industry is in a bit of a funk. It seems like the only people taking chances are indie devs, all the commercial games are sequels. During the Dreamcast's release, Sega really gave it all they had to try to make the console a success. Those games could still be highly profitable I think, as the people that played them enter their early 20's and start to get all nostalgic and contemplative about death :O

The art style of Jet Set Radio looks great even today, it was a bit like WindWaker in that the art trumps the technical limitations. I feel the same way about Power Stone too, probably my favorite fighting game of all time besides smash. It's a real shame Capcom just sort of gave up on this IP, a Power Stone with updated graphics would sell very well.

Since Space Channel 5 is a big part of Reboot 13 (the last episode, ahem), I've kind of been studying it. I'm also motion-capturing some of it, so Ulala can use some of her dance moves from the games in the episode. I think I'll leave it at that, since I don't want to spoil anymore.

Epic last episode coming in the next 3-4 months... pretty much looking to break every taboo in the episode as well. It's the only true way to send the series off.. a fun, nearly illegal, chaotic... orgy of violence :D

Jet Set Radio HD

Space Channel 5, Power Stone, Jet Set Radio and THE END

Working on a New Horror Comic

2012-02-17 21:45:42 by JMartin97

Well the redesign is awesome! I think it looks exactly how Newgrounds should... an explosion of creativity. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things I think need tweaking, namely the frontpage descriptions.. but apparently that's already in the works.. so no worries there.

Because my brain is constantly spasming with weird new ideas, I wrote a new horror comic, 30 pages are done, now I have to finish the other 30. It's horror.. and it's pretty strange... and bloody :) It was inspiried by my many trips to the dentist to deal with my wisdom teeth... it was really pretty nightmarish.. and painful... and the drugs given to you to numb the pain really make it feel like a bad dream. Very inspiring though :D

I took a little break from my other comic, Little Big Apocalypse because coloring it in is getting really exhausting. The pages I have actually colored in look great, it's just so time-consuming. When I was recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed (all 4) I couldn't sit that long and paced around because they hurt. It made it so I couldn't really sit down at the computer and concentrate... I could sort of lay down and sketch though.. and so that's when I started working on this new comic.

Have about 4 projects going on at once. Teeth is sort of a one-shot so it's not a series and it will just be DONE with it's finished, unlike my other ongoing animation projects. I'm working on Reboot 13, Little Big Apocalypse 3, Little Big Apocalypse 8 (comic) and Teeth(comic). Good stuff.. now to find a better job -_-

Working on a New Horror Comic


2012-02-05 10:35:36 by JMartin97

Like other newgrounders, I am impatiently counting the hours until the new design hits. We've all been staring at this version of newgrounds for the last 4/5 years, so I'm sure it will be a slight change for some people.. I'm hoping that the layout is good enough that people will be comfortable pretty fast.

I've been a member of this site since 1999(I have a strong feeling some of you were born after that date o_O), so I've been around for most of newgrounds different iterations, it's funny to think what newgrounds and the portal USED to be; hand selected flashes picked by Tom and usually made by Tom, there was no submission system, user names, grounds gold, daily top 5... old old oldgrounds was a shadow of it's current self... and alot has been accomplished.

I still remember waiting patiently for flash to install on my Windows 95 (or maybe 3.1?) computer so I could punch Barney in the face on Newgrounds... it's probably one of my earliest moments of excitement on the internet... and has paved the way for what I'm doing now.

I couldn't believe "flash" could exist when I installed it, I was used to the only motion online being gif animations or really super-blurry videos. After being on newgrounds so much, I started to become curious about the program flash.. I downloaded the 30 day trial.. and I've been using it ever since. It's kind of nostalgic to think about.

Anyway, Newgrounds has completely changed the internet, it was the 4chan before 4chan... and was creating memes before the public decided it was cool. Newgrounds is where a shit-ton of internet pop culture comes from and I think anyone that has had the privelage of being a member on the site for a while, will tell you Newgrounds is one of the best creative communities on the internet/planet.


Little Big Apocalypse and Reboot 13

2011-12-10 11:25:18 by JMartin97

Lots of work.. and hopefully getting a new computer soon. My flash work has been slowed down big time because I need a new computer. Meanwhile I've been working on my comic, Little Big Apocalypse.... and I think when I finally finish up the final episode of Reboot, it will have benefited quite a bit from all the practice and drawing.

If you haven't read the comic, check it out here!:

I wish I could transport what I'm seeing in my head directly into flash, so people could see more clearly what the comic is about.... and I wouldn't have to draw so goddamn much :D

Anyway, I've managed to get Little Big Apocalypse hosted on a few big manga sites, so it seems to be spreading.. just gotta increase the momentum. After I release the next chapter of the manga, I'm going to be spending my freetime working on Reboot 13 and Little Big Apocalypse 3 (animation)...

The last episode is going to be pretty epic and will bring almost all the characters together for a strange, violent, unforgettable finale.

Little Big Apocalypse and Reboot 13

Gravitational Beam Emitter

2011-10-26 16:37:37 by JMartin97

Just finished the seventh chapter of my online manga, Little Big Apocalypse. I think this chapter is quite a step up from the others, I never realized how much work comic artists do, now I know.. and dear god, it is staggering.

Check out the new chapter and checkout Sackboy's new and dangerous weapon.

Read Little Big Apocalypse 7 - Gravitational Beam Emitter

Gravitational Beam Emitter

New Chapter of my Horror Manga

2011-09-18 21:10:23 by JMartin97

I just released Chapter 6 of my manga Little Big Apocalypse. I released the last 3 comics in the last 3 weeks.... the newest one is a step above the others though.

From the website traffic, it seems like I'm getting hundreds of new views o_O

Here's a screenshot from the newest FULL COLOR 20-PAGE comic.

New Chapter of my  Horror Manga

Little Big Apocalypse #5

2011-09-10 14:03:06 by JMartin97

Little Big Apocalypse - Chapter 5

Trying to keep some momentum by releasing these week after week. Last week I released Chapter 4 and this week I'm releasing Chapter 5, next week 6. A few websites have agreed to host my comic, one is a pretty popular manga site actually. If all goes well LBA will be a weekly comic, which was always my intention. I could make things much more detailed but I want to make it possible to do a comic every week or at least work towards that in a realistic way.

Work is well underway on the next Little Big Apocalypse animation, it includes everything in comics 3-6 and a completely new segment. Check out the new chapter and some new art in my profile!

Little Big Apocalypse  #5

Just finished and uploaded the fourth chapter of my comic, Little Big Apocalypse. I just finished what will probably be the 8,9,10,11th chapters and now I'm working on getting them into the computer and inking them. I'm doing all this because I plan to publish the comic in book form and do a kickstarter project. Hopefully it will go better than Pigpen's.. although he did end up being sponsored by newgrounds for Morphemon...

I just got back from vacation so I haven't been animating much. I did do a whole lot of drawing on vacation though, I bought a ton of art supplies and some nice mechanical graphing pencils. I did about 75 pages of comic and I'm really excited to get it online.

Check out Chapter 4 if you can:

Little Big Apocalypse

Chapter 4 of my Manga Released (COMIC)

New Chapter of Little Big Apocalypse Manga Released

2011-07-29 19:44:31 by JMartin97

For anyone following Little Big Apocalypse, the animation and manga. I just released chapter 3 on the website. It takes place directly after episode 2 of the animation. It's full-color and done in korean webtoon style, very tall pages.

Chapter 4 will be released sometime this month and is longer than this chapter. To give you an idea of how far along everything is, I'm currently working on chapter 7.

If you get a chance, check out my indie manga/graphic novel, Little Big Apocalypse.

Little Big Apocalypse

(image below is from chapter 6)

New Chapter of Little Big Apocalypse Manga Released