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Cycle of the Polygogs

2009-05-05 19:00:00 by JMartin97

This is the second film in a trilogy of short films I've done.

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The vibe of this film is the same vibe I'm trying to achieve in Reboot with a pair of new characters. It'll probably be some of the most disturbing stuff I've ever animated. I just started getting voices from voice actors and wow.. I feel really weird watching cause it's pretty extreme. Reboot 11 especially is not for the kids...

A while back Tom (or someone) made a post asking users to say what they thought was the most creative stuff on NG. Whoever posted it made a point to say that "extreme" didnt mean creative. Well, extreme stuff can be creative.. but only if it has context. I think people will cringe when watching but there's a reason for the bloodloss...

Cycle of the Polygogs


I am caught in the center of a bermuda triangle of irrelevance. Sadly. lol. My flash series isn't doing quite as well as I'd hoped (well, only popularity-wise), I'm having a hard time getting people to see my film work... and the fuckers on little big planet don't play my series.

You're probably saying, Jon, maybe you don't realize how much you suck.

I know I suck in many ways but some of the little big planet levels REALLY suck, way more than me. Maybe Little Big planet just isn't the place for an abstract story-based series. It's a shame, its about the end of the world, nanomachines, evolutionary algorithms, and a little boy that wants to live forever.

I finally got around to getting the first level online. He kinda sped through it but its ok. This is in the intro level.

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In Reboot news: I've got most of the voice actors together... it's gunna be pretty sweet when I get all the voices edited in there. Both episodes just keep getting longer and longer i_i

Oh.. and here's a pic of me... I don't know why... but why not?!

FYI I'm looking for some fugly emo chicks to add to my brood. If you like my picture and are intersted please send me a vial of your blood and a single tear-drop.

Is it obvious I haven't slept in 2 days?

Nobody plays my fucking LittleBigPlanet Levels.

Get stoned and watch Reboot on 420.

2009-04-20 02:34:34 by JMartin97

Why not use this day to start watching Reboot? My stoner friends have informed me that it's pretty good to lay back and get lost in.

Reboot is supposed to be the cartoon I always wanted as a kid but I never got. I always wanted a cartoon that focused on videogames but was real and didn't treat the characters and situations like some sort of joke.

The story goes like this:

It all starts with a boy named Render being told by his friend, a girl named Violet, that she is sick. She dies months later and Render never really seems to recover. After many years of trying to forget Violet, Render meets a girl in college named Amy. The two hit it off but over time their relationship stales. Render decides to break up with her and takes her to the park to tell her.

This is when Tetris pieces start falling from the sky. The city is plunged into a confused chaos. Then suddenly, Violet appears, the girl he lost so long ago...but is it really her?

I promise if you watch the first 3 episodes, you'lll be hooked. Check out the trailer, its intense.

Right now I'm finishing up both episodes 11 and 12. Together they'll be about 30 min. That's like a half hour! (8-O) The story is getting a lot darker too. I think everyone saw that coming though. I think I might face the wrath of Legend of Zelda fans this time, Link goes through quite a rough time :P

Get stoned and watch Reboot on 420.

Kinda Shitty

2009-04-03 22:01:40 by JMartin97

This is a screen from an HD cartoon I was working on for someone... but they didn't really dig the style. I also didn't anticipate just how much work a cartoon in 1080P would be. It is all hand drawn too.. so tons of scanning into my comp. Then, because it would obviously skip (because it's in 1080p and most comps can't handle that) I had to download a program to export everything (and the program is kinda expensive) without skipping!

But anyway... his loss. 5 days from when it was going to be finished he decided he didn't want it anymore. So a lot of time and stress for nothing... meanwhile I was letting my own thesis suffer because I was sketching and drawing and trying to get his project done. GAH!

I'm going to finish and submit it to newgrounds instead. It won't be in 1080 p but it's pretty coool.

Kinda Shitty

Been working on a few different animation projects.... but most people will be happy to know I'm almost done with Reboot 11 and 12. I've decided not to wait until 13 is finished. 13 needs so much work...

Anyway, here's a screenshot. Looks better in motion!

If I can get my voice talent together, I could have these out in a month. It would be quite the feat, since I'm already working on my thesis project for college and another students thesis. I work better creatively under stress.

This is what I've made in the last 6 months.

- Three 30-page scripts
- 18 Little Big Planet Levels
- 4 Flash projects
- 6 chapters of a novel I'm working on
- 1 Pokemon editing video ( (:P)

I mean.. I've done more than that probably but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I started going crazy with LBP levels until I realized just how little exposure is even possible for that game. I got WAAAY more hits from showing it to people on NG than posting it on Little Big Planet websites. So I'm going to give it a rest on Little Big Planet... although I will be making an animation to finish my Little Big Apocalypse series, so look out for that some time in the Summer.

I need a vacation... I think.. I'm constantly making stuff... or thinking about making stuff.. or thinking about how I can get out of what I'm doing so I can go work on making stuff... Something is wrong with me! My brain won't stop! :-O

My inspiration is back from the dead

Little Big Planet is something all newgrounders should own!!!

2009-03-15 01:48:45 by JMartin97

I'm gunna keep this short but if you love creating flash, you'll love Little Big Planet. If you own a PS3 and create flash you should really check this game out. Also, if you like collabs because collabs are a big part of the LBP community.

Anyway, check out my newest level:

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Regardless of my levels... at least rent the game and unlock the creation mode. It's the best 60 bucks I've spent in a long time and is probably my favorite game of all time... and I've been gaming for ... forever...

PSN: JonMartin

Little Big Apocalypse

2009-03-03 14:37:03 by JMartin97

I've been working on a series on Little Big Planet for a while now. If you own Little Big Planet, please check it out! There are 17 episodes and a long story to enjoy :D

My PSN is JonMartin

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Website: lypse.html

Little Big Apocalypse

Looking for someone to score my short film.

2009-01-26 14:01:15 by JMartin97

I'm currently working on my thesis film for my final year of college. I'm looking for a composer that can score the 10 minute film. The film is very tense interview and the music must reflect this mood. The film takes place in the future so if you would like to work that into your music, that would be great. If you're curious about what type of music I might prefer, check out the most recent episode of my series. REBOOT.

I'm NOT looking for anything REALLY FAST, or super-techno-ish. I want a score that starts slowly and builds to create a very tense atmosphere.

Most importantly, I'm interested in setting a mood. If you think you can do that, please shoot me a PM and respond to this thread, if you have samples of your work, please give me a link.

There will be compensation ($$) for this, I will pay you! How much? That has yet to be decided but I promise if you do a good job you will be well-paid.

If you are interested, please let me know!

The end is near

2009-01-15 02:45:35 by JMartin97

Blazing new paths on the design and story front, Little Big Planet has had a huge influence on my work and helped me understand animation better(surprisingly). Reboot won't be released for a while... but I can promise when it is it will be as satisfying as you could imagine.


The end is near

Questions you must answer!

2009-01-03 15:48:49 by JMartin97

Do you think newgrounds cares about innovation? Give an example to support your views.

What's the most futuristic/ahead of it's time flash you have ever seen?

Last question.

What has been the COLLAB that effected you most? (Examples please!)

Questions you must answer!