Entry #140

T-Shirt Giveaway + CONCLUSE/REBOOT shirts for sale

2017-11-13 06:39:27 by JMartin97

T-shirt Giveaway Video

I held a t-shirt contest to celebrate my 1500th subscriber on youtube. Instead of just picking a name out of a hat, I decided to do a physics based 3d animation to decide who won. You can watch it here:

Reboot and Concluse t-shirts for Sale!

I finally got around to designing some shirts, thinking about making one for Little Big Apocalypse next. :) You can check them out at http://zazzle.com/snowspot




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2017-11-14 07:04:19

That's one powerful 3d animation. Simple, but looks very good and great idea how to get the results.

JMartin97 responds:

Thank you, I'm happy you think so :)