Entry #1

The redesign

2007-07-17 20:38:19 by JMartin97

This redesign is pretty crazy, I'm still navigating around trying to find all the new stuff, looks like Tom did a good job though.

Image from new reboot below:

The redesign


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2007-07-19 14:33:50

Shit sucks!


2007-07-29 18:58:56

Yeah, I've always wanted some sort of userpage on NG or something,
so that I could give replies to the author that are still visible to other people, but not limited to only making one single post.

(yes I know NG has forums, but ... meh. Not the same as a userpage.)

The redesign is great. But I guess about 97% of the NGers would say the same when being asked.
You can even post pics? Awesome!
The two pictures you postet just look "wow", very cineastic as usual, plus, I like your abstract error-inspired special effects. (which I bet I told you at least three times by now)
Also I like your pixelated style, on the pic you posted in your other newspost, the 3D-ish hair looks nice with those pixeled shadings.

I'm really looking foreward to the continuation of the series.

Wonder why the NG crew didn't think of a "subscribe"-function to inform you about your fav artist's latest works.

I have actually been checking back through the last months if you did anything new just by scrolling through the "other submissions of this author" every now and then.

yourz truly,
(the guy who's comment inspired you to ask Tom Fulp if Reboot could be fronted oO)

JMartin97 responds:

That's so cool to hear, I'm happy I have a few fans checking in, it seriously is what keeps me doing it sometimes. I do film and animation...and sometimes it's hard because my family is the complete opposite of me, they don't even check my stuff out, so it's a struggle to not just give up on it sometimes. It's a great stress-reducer though! :P

Oh and I remember the frontpage thing, it was a good idea, I've gotten 2 other ones frontpaged because of you too :P

This next one will blow the last one away I think, I'm really hoping I don't disappoint!


2007-08-18 18:42:39

"Oh and I remember the frontpage thing, it was a good idea, I've gotten 2 other ones frontpaged because of you too :P"

Hehe ^^

Yeah, I guess that was because Mr. Fulp then actually got to see the movie, I guess, and thus also watched the following.
I don't seriously think the NG staff is watching through ALL flashmovies...

Ah well. Maybe I should (have) use(d) my ..."connections" (lol, yes, I do actually have one) to ask Mr. Fulp what he thinks of my latest work.
6 to 8 months work, actually not bad for my 1 1/2 th flashmovie.
(1st "real" project completed, 2nd I actually started)

Then again it feels awkward to start of you "career" on a site by basically "begging" the site's admin. *_*#
Movie received a bad score in the beginning, most likely to majority of "casual newgrounds users" voting based on less then 28 seconds of the movie. -_-

It was supposed to be a surprise-effect... ah well.

I see you're on youtube... so, I shall subscribe to you over there.
Maybe that'll also get you some viewers, some YouTubers even subscribed to my favourites o_O;