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Releasing animation + 2 comics soon :O

2013-02-13 15:56:38 by JMartin97

I haven't posted in a while, been busy! I won't get into it but I have embarked on AN EPIC JOURNEY OF ART!!!!

I'll be releasing an animation, LIttle Big Apocalypse 3, and 2 chapters of the Little Big Apocalypse comic, which is actually fairly long at this point (8 chapters). I'll be working on Reboot 13 next, which will be the final episode. I've already finished a fair amount of it, but I'm excited to do more because I've been taking some art courses and I think I'm finally ready to make my master epic :P

In the meantime, know a 10 min animation is coming in the next few months, and in the next month, both new chapters of Little big Apocalypse (chapter 9/10). Things start to get really strange in Little Big Apocalypse and I think fans of Reboot, and also fans of comics in general should stay tuned, some really crazy, not-done-before stuff is coming :P

Releasing animation + 2 comics soon :O


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2013-02-13 16:31:53

Whoa, that is some very interesting artwork. You have me intrigued; I might have to check this out! I've never heard of you or your comics before!

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

The comics start out a little rough, I will admit, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it, hope you like it :) Check out the first animation, if you want to understand the backstory, the comic starts after the intro sort of.


2013-02-13 16:45:15

nice, I'm excited to see the conclusion to reboot. I like the way you incorporate music with your animations i think the way you use it is very captivating. will you be using the same style you've been using in LBA and Reboot in future projects?

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

Glad some Reboot fans are still around :) I think the style you mention is just my style, I can't escape it, lol. I plan to use the same style in future projects too! Reboot is going to be a be musical send off to the series :D.

Little big Apocalypse is sort of like a low-key version of Reboot's musical aspects, not as in your face, it's a more quiet journey... at least the start anyway. Hope you stick around to check out my new stuff!


2013-02-14 02:13:58

That cover actually looks really cool.... those art classes must be amazing.

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

I did that before the art classes, but yeah the classes are pretty cool, it's decreasing my suckage tremendously.


2013-02-15 03:43:07

I'm still working on reading LBA... so I guess now I have a deadline to actually catch up! Even though I came for Reboot, I also enjoyed the LBA animations, and the first few chapters of the comic that I've read. I don't know why I have a harder time getting myself to read the comics, even when I like it... confuses me a little.


2013-02-26 14:54:10

What tbng said is exactly what got me hooked into Reboot all those years ago. I can't wait for episode 13. ;.; I'm still not too into your LBA stuff but that cover is quite nice.


2013-04-23 23:51:43

I'll be honest, the only reason I'm back on Newgrounds was to see if you'd finished Reboot. Can't wait!


2013-06-28 01:30:01

Need me some of the Reboot episode 13!
Come on!
If you need moneys, kickstart it! Ill give money!


2013-08-11 21:38:09

Let through the flood. Let reboot 13 come out...

Demise in the form of the unknown.