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Finally finished the 10th chapter of my comic

2013-09-23 11:42:46 by JMartin97

Just finished and uploaded Chapter 10 of my comic, Little Big Apocalypse to both littlebigapocalypse.com and mangafox. This also means that if you own a tablet or smartphone, and you own a manga app, you can download the newest chapter by just searching Little Big Apocalypse.

Chapter 10 ends the first volume of the comic, which all-together, is about 150-180 pages. It ends on a cliffhanger, so now I can finally take a break from comics for a while and finish up my long-due animations.

First up is Little Big Apocalypse 3, which is nearly complete, and then my magnum opus, Reboot 13. I'm actually waiting until I buy a new camera to finish it, because I'm going to be filming scenes.

Little Big Apocalypse and Reboot/Damaged Bads are connected, so even if the comic might seem a little slow, it's very deliberate... and will all be very fulfilling when the connection between the two is more clear.


Finally finished the 10th chapter of my comic


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2013-09-23 12:09:28

Nice. And Happy Madness Day!


2013-10-24 15:04:55

You're a great Artist, and even in my silence I've watched your videos for a long time. Extremely creative and entertaining. Thanks for the hard work.

JMartin97 responds:

Thank you :)