Entry #122

REBOOT and Little Big Apocalypse in 4K (2160p)

2015-04-30 07:54:29 by JMartin97

Hey everybody,

I've recently been cleaning up my youtube page cause it was a depressing mess (it might still be :/) and I decided to upload all my cartoons in 4k! It's pretty crazy seeing everything close up without any slowdown. I didn't realize how much detail I put into certain things that just aren't apparent in the flash versions.

In the next few days I'm uploading all the REBOOT series in 2160p, probably way too high but fuck it, I want people to see every crappy pixel in the beauty of 4K!.. but actually since there is no slowdown, the crappy pixels sort of blur together to form, what I like to call ART (burn). Anyway now that I"m done totally burning the people I'm trying to get to watch my cartoons :D, Here are some embeds with custom-made thumbnails to entice you into clicking, if you don't click? You'll miss that super special thing I put in that you will love, yup. Check out some REBOOT and LITTLE BIG APOCALYPSE!

LIttle Big Apocalyse 2 (Watch this one it's so detailed! :O)

REBOOT 12 1/2 - I might reupload these because I think I might have exported them at a slightly lower resolution than I was supposed to.

If you like any of this stuff subscribe on youtube and you can see each video pop up in your feed :D


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2015-04-30 13:09:54

Eh. Put it on NG.

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

They already are on NG, lol.

I recently uploaded a 20 min 3d feature that I worked on for 2 years, JUST for newgrounds and got 2 reviews, excuse me for trying to spread out a little :P


2015-05-07 14:08:05

When they come out, I'm gonna have to give a nice big, juicy and mildly critical review out of my love for these animations.

Thanks for coming back. x)

JMartin97 responds:

thanks :)