Entry #123

Little Big Apocalypse: Episode 4

2015-05-29 03:02:20 by JMartin97



New animation released. Check it out! I'm not sure how many episodes I'll create, these episodes take a lot of effort, Hopefully a few people are enjoying it :)

Recently, I noticed there are so many movies being pushed through judgement that have 0 reviews. There needs to be more critiquing so artists can get better! :O and the community can thrive!! :D



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2015-05-30 18:17:46

Not more so than usual. I think there are a lot of ways people get feedback. One of the most important things for an artist to do is engage with the community by responding to reviews. That's why I review.

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

Reviewing something takes a minute and will probably make someones day! Well unless it's a really harsh review, but still :P