Entry #130

20 min flash animation from 2009.. finally released :D

2016-09-19 04:20:36 by JMartin97

I started working on this animation back in 2009, but my computer crashed and I lost the ability to edit any of the flash files. Luckily, I was able to salvage some swf files and convert them to HD, and then edit everything together in good old Final Cut Pro 7. Isn't it sad that flash is kinda dead? As I was converting everything for this animation, I started to realize that 2008/2009 was really the height of flash. Now we're just going backwards, and Apple not adopting flash has set everything back quite a bit. 

I was creating a DVD/Blu-ray recently, and I suddenly realized how old-fashioned DVD's are now. They're like floppy disks, they're useless. So I am creating a DVD menu, and I think to myself, what is the point? So someone can watch in 480p? It's pointless. Blu-ray is nearing pointlessness too, although thankfully it's in HD so you don't have to decrease resolution to create it. After 4K, what is the point? I don't want to animate past 4k, that's too much fucking detail. The render time for a 3d animation in 4k must be fucking insane... it already is at 1080p. Maybe Google's quantum computers can speed up rendering before they take over the world.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, this animation... it was based on a series of levels I did in Little Big Planet. The storyline is much different from the series now. I wish I could go back and clean up a lot of the artwork, but like I said, the flash files are corrupted. I had high hopes for this project, I think there's a lot of passion in it, I bit off way more than I could chew. Check out Little Big Apocalypse: Lost Episode!



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2016-09-19 06:13:11

Flash aint dead yo.

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

I still use it.. but even newgrounds tells you to consider uploading an mp4 file instead of flash, to expand your audience. I wish Apple had added support for it back when the iphone came out, things would have turned out a lot different.


2016-09-19 18:17:00

Adapting is fine. I mean, if Flash ever fully "dies", a lot of us will understand at least the launching point it was for so many people. I'm glad Tom is trying to adapt as much as possible, I mean, if he hadn't so far, NG might be dead, you know? Does Flash export in mp4?

But yeah, Apple doing what they did put a nail in the potential coffin for Flash. One could compared it to the new iPhone not having a 3.5mm headphone jack.

All-in-all I just want to see a place for artists new and old to upload their work if they want to, whether its Flash format, or mp4, or other means but also to remember the origins.

(Updated ) JMartin97 responds:

Yeah, I can't help but wonder what things would look like now if Apple had embraced flash to complement the app store and encouraged people to make flash games and apps for the iphone. Apple killed the 3.5 jack, the cd/dvd rom drive on their laptops, and flash, I think all these decisions are really short-sighted. Besides upgrading specs, Apple haven't innovated in a long time, they should start by adding flash support to IOS


2016-09-20 10:50:13

Yeap, Flash dies, that's right. But it is not matter which of formats will be used for upload. Quality of your animation - thats matters.

P.S. Flash is almost ded.