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Have you seen my falcon anywhere?

Great game. Really impressed by the intro and how you guys managed to weave in truth with fake stuff, really entertaining and well-written.

Good stuff

This was pretty cool but is a little lacking in terms of content. Some powerups would be cool, maybe they could make the screen turn different colors, since it's always black and white? Or make it so picking up the power ups would change the era, like 8 bit/16 bit.

Great first game tho.


THis seems like a test, I hope you decide to expand this, you could make something cool

Great work

I don't visit newgrounds much but it's always great to see stuff like this, reminds me why I signed up in the first place :P Check out my stuff if you get a chance :D Santa is a badass these days eh?

Archawn responds:


A playable document.

I'm a friend of Ryan's and watching this whole thing unfold has been a very weird experience.

About 3 weeks ago Pigpen told about his game and that he was releasing it on NG. I didn't really pay any attention at the time because I didn't really think he was serious. Well, here we are today and he's on the front page of a newspaper.

The game exists as a playable document of the events that took place. People are getting angry at the wrong person... if anything this game shows just how heartless Cho was. Ryan didn't just create a shooting game and slap the name V-tech Rampage on it. This game was researched and it's evident from all the small details in the backgrounds.

Before he began the game he researched the V-tech massacre. The song that plays throughout the game was Cho's favorite, he would listen to it repeatedly.

As I said before though, this game illustrates problems, that put both the angry viewers and the game creator at fault.

On one hand, Pigpen is intentionally profiting from the deaths of innocent people. Not only that, it was only 2 months ago that this event happened. The families and the friends of the victims, practically the entire campus are still grieving about the deaths of the victims.

I don't think that it's a fair argument to say that Cho was a victim or that we should feel bad for him. He was a selfish prick, taking the lives of others simply because he didn't like himself. Ryan made a very callous decision to release this so close to the actual event...

That said.

The game is interesting and something that is essentially a playable newspaper article. You learn facts about the killer, about how he did what he did, and you are made to follow the same path he did the actual day.

Still, I"m afraid of the precedent this could set. Are we going to have a day when terrorist bombings are parodied the next day? I sure hope not...


This is pretty cool, I think it would be even better though if you didn't use a stickman. You could make this game awesome with powerups or maybe just finding some creative stuff to add in there. It also would be better if the background changed.

Nice game though, its fun you just have to put in some stuff to make playing more worth it, like maybe a boss at the end or something.

MercuryLime responds:

Thanks for the review. I added 2 more powerups. The reason I use a stickman is because my original game, Escape, used a stickman, and I wanted to keep the feel.


This is just a demo.But a good demo. But just a demo. That other movie what was it? Hmmm...Bacon something. WAS REALLY REALLY good.Man I ejaculated while watching it. It's a thrill ride, and edge of your seat, heart-pounding, non-stop thrill ride.


Why is this rated so high? I understand it's for the portal and probably important to some people, but it's still just a couple sound loops. You could have just posted this on the frontpage of NG.

This was great

And for the guy below. Will didn't prove we were gullible he proved we can't trust his word. Someone like Will should haev a good reputation. I mean his movies are some of the best on NG


This game isn't very fun. THe graphics are mostly just bitmaps. There are only 4 characters you can hit. I'm sure programming it took a lot of time. It's just not very fun.

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