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Great colors, very surreal and jumps off the screen, great work!

It doesn't matter how many pixels you changed for a comic like this, ignore the guy below. I thought it was funny and I read the last one and I like your style and humor. Good job :P

Really like your profile pic, was surprised to learn you did it in flash and not photoshop

The-Damned-King responds:

Thank you. :)
Usually I do use Photoshop for digital art, but sometimes I find it fun to make something
in flash as well, but most times it happens by accident, when I'm actually working
on something else.

Really cool, like your style :)


Great colors and really interesting setting. My only suggestion would be to make the white highlight around your characters stand out a little less. Looks great though, good job.


This is awesome, great job on the coloring and all the line work.

Cenaf responds:



The image would be a lot better if it wasn't so blurry. It's hard to even tell what you're looking at, I had to check the description. I think you should work on making things more refined and sharp. It looks like it would be a good image if it wasn't so soft and blurry everywhere.

Rennis5 responds:

well i guess it is a little blurry in some parts, but i did not want this to have alot of detail in it, otherwise i would have spent another day or 2 on it.
but thanks anyway

New take on meme

Hate to be "that guy" but "lost my leg in nom" was a meme making the rounds a few months ago. Though that doesn't mean that this cartoon cannot be successful in it's own right. It's nice to see someone evolve it a little. I think the art is so-so and the colored background is kind of lazy.

I really enjoy your other work so maybe something is just wrong with me today. Like "Get out of my Face!" is awesome and so is "Space Pirates and Ninjas(your best imo)".. but this is not my cup of tea :P Looking forward to your next piece.

Template88 responds:

Would you believe i became aware of that picture of the chicken missing a leg after I had already made this? I had just finished drawing it, had shown a few people and somebody showed me the picture you are talking about.


The shadows, the pose, the colors, and lines are all perfect. I really like this :D

TaraGraphika responds:

There was a conflict between using a brush and a pen, and I think I made my desicion quite safe.

Thank you.


Great details and penmanship, needs to be something in the background though.

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