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That's right. 20,000...and thats with about 3-4 scenes that are only halfway done. Hopefully someone is reading these stupid things! Oh and Reboot 9 is 30fps... Release in 2 weeks if I can regain the feeling in my hand.

If all goes well, Reboot 10 will be 30 min, then 11 will be 30, then 12 will be 45.

Either that or I'll just do 10 and 11 together, call it 10 and make it 1 hour 0_0

social life ftl D:

Reboot 9... 20,000 frames so far, yay for 16k frame workaround :D

New pic from Reboot 9

2007-07-19 21:01:48 by JMartin97

A new pic from Reboot 9, some surprises in it :D

New pic from Reboot 9

The redesign

2007-07-17 20:38:19 by JMartin97

This redesign is pretty crazy, I'm still navigating around trying to find all the new stuff, looks like Tom did a good job though.

Image from new reboot below:

The redesign