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CONCLUSE featured on SomeOrdinaryGamers

2017-08-15 12:25:12 by JMartin97

Just released part 9 of my series CONCLUSE. The series was featured on one of my favorite youtube channels Some Ordinary Gamers, they did a 25 minute breakdown (watch). SOG has a lot of followers so I'm getting a lot of new people seeing the series. Thanks again to Mutahar. Watch part 1 on newgrounds.




I just uploaded part 4 of my walkthrough, check it out! Some of the stuff in this walkthrough kept me up the other night, spooky stuff. 


CONCLUSE - Lost PS1 Horror Game

2017-07-04 21:22:52 by JMartin97


Just uploaded my newest video, part one of a playthrough of CONCLUSE, an extremely extremely rare PS1 horror game. Check out the video if you get a chance!


2017-06-09 23:54:16 by JMartin97

I'm working on a new 30 min 3d animation based on my 2006 series 'REBOOT'. Surprisingly, that takes a very long time... but I'm actually very close to completing everything. In the meantime, because I'm kind of missing doing my comic(Little Big Apocalypse), I decied I'd do a few drawings. Here's the second drawing (art portal link):1642_149706670331_jmartin97_render.jpg


2017-06-01 18:00:06 by JMartin97

I'm working on a new 30 min 3d animation based on my 2006 series 'REBOOT'. Surprisingly, that takes a very long time... but I'm actually very close to completing everything. In the meantime, because I'm kind of missing doing my comic, I decied I'd do a few drawings. Here's the first (art portal link):


New Reboot Clip (3d animation)

2016-12-19 05:13:53 by JMartin97

A work-in-progress clip from a new episode of Reboot/Damaged Bads I'm working on, it used to be in 2d, now it will be in 3d. Woo woo. 


20 min flash animation from 2009.. finally released :D

2016-09-19 04:20:36 by JMartin97

I started working on this animation back in 2009, but my computer crashed and I lost the ability to edit any of the flash files. Luckily, I was able to salvage some swf files and convert them to HD, and then edit everything together in good old Final Cut Pro 7. Isn't it sad that flash is kinda dead? As I was converting everything for this animation, I started to realize that 2008/2009 was really the height of flash. Now we're just going backwards, and Apple not adopting flash has set everything back quite a bit. 

I was creating a DVD/Blu-ray recently, and I suddenly realized how old-fashioned DVD's are now. They're like floppy disks, they're useless. So I am creating a DVD menu, and I think to myself, what is the point? So someone can watch in 480p? It's pointless. Blu-ray is nearing pointlessness too, although thankfully it's in HD so you don't have to decrease resolution to create it. After 4K, what is the point? I don't want to animate past 4k, that's too much fucking detail. The render time for a 3d animation in 4k must be fucking insane... it already is at 1080p. Maybe Google's quantum computers can speed up rendering before they take over the world.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, this animation... it was based on a series of levels I did in Little Big Planet. The storyline is much different from the series now. I wish I could go back and clean up a lot of the artwork, but like I said, the flash files are corrupted. I had high hopes for this project, I think there's a lot of passion in it, I bit off way more than I could chew. Check out Little Big Apocalypse: Lost Episode!


Read the first chapter of my comic!

2016-08-18 11:15:56 by JMartin97

I just redid my old comic in full-color! Check it out! or at mangafox!



Check out the new trailer for episode 6:

I"m a big fan of the youtube music channel #NewRetroWave and I decided to do a NewRetroWave-inspired logo for the next episode of my series Little Big Apocalypse. This is actually cut directly out of the episode. This episode is taking a little longer than planned because i have to learn a bunch of new things so I can keep advancing how each episode looks.

I've uploaded a few things to the art portal recently:




I'm not sure when this episode will be done, I have to finish a lot of it but most of the assets are complete so that's half the battle. I'm going to get going but here's a pic from the newest episode.