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2008-09-05 08:19:23 by JMartin97

Reboot 11 is taking forever! Ya know?

I think so too.. but it's still not done and it's getting so long that I have to split 11 in two. I did the same thing when I was creating 10. I had to split it up and half of it ended up being Reboot 11... This time, I'm going to wait until both Reboot 11 and 12 are finished. Right now I'd say that combined they are 60% done.

It's been a pretty long wait already so I'm going to make it up to people by releasing a new trailer sometime soon... hopefully that will hold people over. I'm also going to release it without the word "reboot" in the title.

I want to post pictures.. but this episode is kind of top secret! Once again, my goal will be to break the top 50... this time I just might do it.


Reboot 11 in two months

2008-08-06 21:25:44 by JMartin97

I've been working on Reboot 11 quite a bit but there's still a whole hell of a lot to do. I think people will be SHOCKED at what happens... well, at least that's what I'm going for.. This next "chapter" of reboot might turn a lot of people off, as it kind of takes a turn into very dark territory... then again, maybe it was dark anyway, I dunno... This episode will be much better than the last, and I think it pretty much ties everything up before the big change.

Anyway, here's a picture, there will be better ones in the next few updates... but I still don't wanna ruin the suprises, there's like a million. This next episode will be an orgasm for anyone that's a hardcore videogame fan.

Reboot 11 in two months

I'm back from Japan.. and it's time.

2008-07-23 08:17:30 by JMartin97

Time to work on Reboot 11 again! I did all the storyboards in Japan and I think people will be surprised.

I had some crazy times in Japan!

I'm back from Japan.. and it's time.


2008-06-24 19:08:57 by JMartin97

I'm having a great time in Japan and learning a lot... but it's making me crazy not being able to work on reboot! Gah!

The fla files crash on my laptop when I try to open them. I think I'll probably have to just create a new file and name every symbol. I have had so many sweet ideas since I've gotten here though. There might even be a Japanese character in there now =-o

Confused in Tokyo

2008-06-21 20:54:37 by JMartin97

Wow, sort of wondering if this was the right idea. I am in Tokyo right now, in my hotel. After this I am traveling to Fukuoka to meet my "host family" , who I'll be staying with while I study Japanese... cept.. they don't know any English.. and I hardly know any Japanese.. and lets just say that the conversation we had on the phone didn't go to well :-I

The plane ride was pretty horrible. 13 hours in seat E, which means it's in the direct center, 2 people on my right and 2 on my left. It made it really akward since I usually pee alot. After flying into narita airport I was happy to get off the plane... but then I realized I have to make it to my hotel in Tokyo.

LUCKILY, I had my ipod touch, which has a copy of wikipedia on it(2gb). I was able to look up Narita Airport and discovered that the subway at the bottom of the airport goes directly to Tokyo by a train called the "narita express". So I hopped on that and sat down, I didn't give my ticket much notice to where I sat because I'm used to getting on the subway. Well, that's not how it works in Japan...

I started to realize I was in the wrong place when all the seats were open.. and some random guy sat down next to me and asked me to move my things. I was like, wow I'm being hit on by a Japanese guy at the airport? Then a woman asked me to move because I was in her seat. So I was in the wrong seat and MY seat was 7 cars up... so I had to lug all my packages to the front, and I really felt like a smelly american as I was sweating. I had also been up for almost 24 hours so I looked like shit.

As we pulled up to Tokyo station I was very relieved.. but then came the realization that I had no money on me to get a taxi. I went to ATM's but they wouldn't take an American card (or at least the ones I tried). Eventually I found a really helpful taxi driver that knew where the hotel was and could also take payment with a credit card. I wanted to give him a tip but I knew in Japan that isn't really done.. and I had no clue about asking. I said "tip" a few times but the guy just didn't respond. ..

After I got back, I realized I was STARVING. I hadn't eaten on the plane much, so I really hadn't eaten much in 24 hours either. I walked to the am/pm down the street but ... they couldn't take my card, they only took EDY or something. So I trudged back to the hotel and exchanged my money... then walked all the way back and got 2 coke zero's and a really bad red bean bun.

Now I have to get on a train to Fukuoka and meet my host family. Wish me luck!

Going to Japan/Reboot 11

2008-06-07 18:37:01 by JMartin97

Hey, new image... huzzah!..

Things are going pretty smoothly with the new episode, lots of new stuff going on, lots of surprises. I'm going to Japan on the 20th though, so unfortunately I'm going to have to take some time off (since flash on windows can't seem to handle the size of my flash file anymore)

I expect to come back with lots of ideas... I'm going to be there an entire month. I really need to study Japanese more. I'll probably have another update before I leave or maybe even while I'm there (=-o)


Going to Japan/Reboot 11

Reboot Remixed

2008-05-11 16:45:52 by JMartin97

Reboot Recap

I condensed the first 6 episodes into 5 min. This is so people who don't feel like watching 6 episodes... don't really have to. This isn't supposed to win any awards or anything but I thought it was still worth uploading.

Let me know what you think, and yes you can even say "fuck you" in my comments for no reason, I accept that :D

Also: What did people think of speed racer? I heard it sucked... I want to like it :-/

Reboot 11

2008-05-09 02:30:30 by JMartin97

Just a small update.

Here's a screenshot from the next episode. It's a new character. There are a few people that might be able to guess what this might have to do with. Reboot is going to get pretty gory and pretty twisted in the future but the music will still be the focus, so don't fret! Get ready though, I'm going to try to make the most disturbing flash on NG, or at least, the most disturbing series... but also balance that with real characters.

Oh and videogames play a much bigger role in this next episode.

Reboot 11


2008-05-02 23:06:01 by JMartin97

I edited this together for a class. Reboot 10 was inspired by a lot of the films I saw in my expressionism in film class. In fact, all of Reboot 10 is really inspired by silent films, horror films, and noir films...

/* */
Watch the high quality version :D


2008-04-24 15:25:36 by JMartin97

Reboot 10 didn't do as well as expected... it's odd how quickly something you are over-joyed about can suddenly feel like a waste. It just makes me wonder what NG users want... do they want 300 sticks? Do they want Neo vs Smith? I thought I'd get more hits than 9,000 and that was with the help of Tom putting it on the frontpage...

It just makes me wonder if it's even worth it, I have people e-mailing me complaining about the story, not many people viewing it, its a huge amount of work.. and for what... for a day or two in the spotlight? What was I expecting? I don't really know.

I'm sure I will be back on track on the next one sometime soon but whenever I open flash I just sigh and feel like crap, cause I feel like why am I even opening this? just so I can be upset when I finish my next flash and STILL no one cares.

BLEH. I'm sure this seems pretty emo but what else is this blog for? You want to see in to my mind right? Sorry if it's lame and emo right now :P

Oh and I'm listening to the gorillaz, this is an ipod touch background I made.