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JMartin97's News

Posted by JMartin97 - November 26th, 2007


I said I would give myself a break...but somehow that just isn't possible. Here's a screen from the menu...

The script is done and the first minute or so is done, I have to type up the script and send it to my voice actors. I'm really hoping they will all stick around to play their roles again!

Reboot 10 started

Posted by JMartin97 - November 18th, 2007

There ya go, hope the wait wasn't too much, just imagine when the next one'll be done :P

Reboot 9 has been set free.

Posted by JMartin97 - November 14th, 2007

I know I said a while back that it was the last post before the release... but now its... FOR REALZ!

I'm serious.

It's almost done and it's about 20 min long and the .fla file almost cripples my computer when I open it. It's over 700mb at this point. The frame rate is 30fps. It should come in at around 13 mb. The song list is huge, there's more than 20 songs in it.

Reboot 9 will be out either this weekend or the next, so look for it... or else *threatening glare*

Reboot 9

Posted by JMartin97 - November 6th, 2007

I have been spending a lot of time writing this, if anyone is wondering why Reboot 9 isn't done...

It's already looking pretty good and unlike anything out there I promise :D

There are going to be 6 chapter... so 6 episodes.

The Voyager trailer released

Posted by JMartin97 - October 17th, 2007

Ok so I got a ton of voice actors and it's looking good. Now I just have to do the animation for their faces... then you guys will finally see this thing. A few people have said it's unlike any flash film they've seen...so... hopefully that makes the wait more bearable.

Voice Actors Chosen

Posted by JMartin97 - September 28th, 2007

I'm sorry! I hate reading updates that say stuff isn't done... and I bet I'm not a lone. It's all for good stuff though, as I basically added a new 4 min segment to it. It's really starting to look like a real cartoon... o_o it's freaking me out. It actually has a structure of an introduction, rising action, and then conclusion...all while retaining everything that's been in the series before.

Wanna know a huge problem though?


I think we all know that, although there are some parts where I'd rather just have text for the voices...

If anyone would like to lend their voices, please send me a PM! I'll be checking them daily, so don't not send one just cause you think no one checks PMs!

I'm looking for both male and female! Interested and have a decent mic? Let me know, if I get good enough voice talent, I'll put your names over the opening intro (OMG FAMEZ).

Looking for voice actors: Reboot 9

Posted by JMartin97 - September 9th, 2007

I've managed to get as much work as I usually get done in a month... in a week, so things are going a lot faster than before. I'm mostly just polishing up the different scenes now. This has already reached way past 16000 frames, I have no idea how many anymore since I had to put each scene in a movie clip, so I wouldn't have to cut Reboot short. I have to say though...it's turned into something better than I ever Imagined I could do.

This episode will be the sum of all I have learned so far... It has pretty much consumed my free time the last 5 months. Although, I did take a few big breaks in between... it was summer after all.

One more pic before the release[Reboot 9]

Posted by JMartin97 - September 1st, 2007

I just moved back to nyc and I've been working on Reboot 9 for a while...it's getting longer and longer.. :-/

It's good but... it's bad for the filesize because of the bitrate of the music.. I have it at 80kbps... a lot of people will say that is too much but if you compare 80 to 64...there is a big drop-off in quality. It seems like entire sections of the music disappear at 64 kbps. Anyway...here's the menu screen... it's all animated too.


Reboot 9 Menu Screen? opinions? trolling? both accepted :D

Posted by JMartin97 - August 29th, 2007

Hmm, it's been taking a little longer than expected...but fret not... When all is said and done, this episode will be almost 20 min long. I don't want to split it up because I want it to be one experience...if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I'm working my ass off... some personal crap has slowed down my productivity... but I'm moving back to college soon so that won't be a problem anymore. Just me, my comp and my apartment... can't wait.


Almost done...

Posted by JMartin97 - August 15th, 2007


He's watching :D