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JMartin97's News

Posted by JMartin97 - August 18th, 2010

I said I would release Reboot 12 a while ago.. I'm sorry! I'm working on it now... I took a lot of time off and became obsessed with Manga (again), go read korzuka!.. annnyway. I've also been spending a lot of time working my website snowspotmedia.com and my tumblr bubblegumdeathpop but... getting kind of bored of that, even though i can clearly get a lot of hits if I try... I feel like spending all my time posting news stories is kind of stupid... and I'm ignoring my real talents (editing/animation?) I don't know.

Reboot 12 will be done soon.. I think... I want it done and then it's on to LBA... then Reboot 13, which, if I can accomplish what I want, will make you get up and scream at your computer. That's my goal. I've got some other ideas for Reboot's future... some stuff that might even be illegal. Guess you'll have to see what I mean O_O

REBOOT 12... -_-

Posted by JMartin97 - May 30th, 2010

I bet all you people thought I'd never finish another cartoon (since I'm working on 4 at once)... but HA! I have... and it took almost a year of on and off work.

Reboot 11 - 8-bit Genocide

This episode is super-gory and I would bet that if you're a big Zelda fan, you might find yourself a little surprised at what happens. Poor horse...

While this is happening, things between Render and the others heat up. Is Violet really who she says she is? It doesn't seem like it...

Reboot 12 is 95% done and I want to submit it next week if I can.. then back to my uber-project, Little Big Apocalypse.

Reboot 11 - RELEASED

Posted by JMartin97 - May 6th, 2010

Well my internship at gawker.tv has ended. I can pitch and send in submissions but I am no longer allowed in the building. I've tried to get in but the cleaning lady just shoo's me away. Bitch.

I've been totally neglecting my flash work because I was busy being ADHD and obsessed with social media. I know how to promote stuff and get my work seen now though, which is good. I also have a real website now where I can do, pretty much whatever I want. Check it out:


I just redesigned it.

I have a new internship now though, at QJ.net. It's a great site and I've been visiting for years. Now I can get back to what I really care about... cartoons and videogames. Not that it isn't fun to post EVERY CLIP OF CONAN OBRIEN EVER :P... but seriously, I need to talk to people that know what final fantasy is.

I hung out with one of the interns and I tried to show him God of War 3.. and he ignored me to look at who was tweeting him. I was like "dude, check this out, it's amazing" because the first 10 min of god of war 3 IS amazing. He goes " You're acting like it's a movie or something".

Me: :O

Now, Check out Bill Maher making some ballsy jokes about Islam, even Anderson Cooper starts laughing:
Bill Maher on Anderson Cooper 360

Bill Maher is cool.

Posted by JMartin97 - April 19th, 2010

These were leaked earlier today..

http://tv.gawker.com/5520427/leaked-st eve-jobs-desperate-voicemails-to-bar-w here-next-iphone-was-lost

Today a tape was released in which a frantic Steve Jobs calls into the redwood city bar one of his employee's left an unreleased Iphone 4g in. As Steve pleads for the owner to return his calls, he starts getting desperate.


Check out this excerpt from a new short story I'm working on:

The Gulag's - Sci/Isolationism/Horror

Chapter 1

Karina watched as the colossal machine came into view, the air locks to her right and left hissed. As expected, navigation systems were transitioning to automatic pilot. The last crew had recorded this happening during their arrival as well. The first crew sent to investigate the Gulag had not anticipated The Gulag's navigation system. Instead of letting the ship transition to auto pilot, they desperately tried to re-initialize manual controls. This caused part of the ship's hull to lurch forward and the pressure caused cracks in three parts of the hull. It didn't take long for space to seep in.

In the blink of an eye the ship was inside out, flinging it's contents in all directs. With all the world watching, the crew was sent flying into space. They had their suits on but many would argue that made things worse. Instead of a quick painful death, they had to play the waiting game.

Back at home, the world had listened in horror as the screams of the astronauts were broadcast through the nanocloud uncensored. After only seconds, the signal was cut. The damage had been done though and that generation would never forget the astronaut's screams . What did those crew members think as they sped away from one and other? Did they bother to look back? The sheer hopelessness was almost unimaginable to Karina.

Karina stood at the front of the maintenance hanger, she was alone, or so she had thought. A slimy hand grasped her from behind. She sighed, then turned, his eyes were green today. She wondered what he was sad about, there's no doubt that's why he sought her company. As he runs his hand through her emerald hair, his pupils seem to burn into her, his eyes change red.

"I told you to clean up the instruments in the shutter!", he releases her hand, he points out toward the deck. A glittery dust floats by the ship. Both stop to watch it. Chane looks back at Karina, Karina's gaze doesn't leave the window.

"We're lucky nothing shifted when The Gulag's systems caught our ship, in case you didn't notice we have some flammable objects on-board!" Chane barked. He was right, she should have known better... but her first glimpse of the Gulag had been mesemerizing. The Gulag was the only ship of it's kind, a sprawling jail and insane asylum. Thirty five years ago it had disappeared near pluto, along with all 5 million inmates and crew members.

Thirty years later, Teen-C, a satellite orbiting Mercury snapped pictures of a huge mass orbiting Venus. It was the Gulag. After several attempts to communicate with the Gulag recievers, Teen-C discovered packets of information being actively broadcast by the Gulags computer system. The packets of data contain thousands of codecs, googles of information. All this is sent back to earth and what is discovered is truly disturbing.

After sifting through an unimaginable amount of information, Nasa stumbled upon billions of video files, it's scientists were ecstatic.. that is, until they started watching the footage. Two years after the discovery of the footage from The Gulag, all the scientists were dead. Every scientist that had viewed the footage had killed him or herself in one way or another.

Making matters worse for Nasa, the return of The Gulag was leaked to the press and soon the entire world knew. In the end, Nasa was forced to broadcast earth's triumphant return to The Gulag. It sounds so tragic and silly now, what was so triumphant about returning to a place where people were known to be tortured? What happens when order breaks down in a place like that? Karina's mind flooded with nightmarish imagery, twisting jaws, knashing teeth, blood, the screams of the the astronauts. Karina shuddered.

After the suicides, the tapes were locked up and it was decided that a crew would be sent to investigate. The first crew failed to reach the ship, which is why Karina was here. It was up to her and the rest of the crew to get inside the Gulag and figure out what happened. What kind of terrifying nightmare awaited them inside those metal walls? Walls that could be heated up, like an oven, if a prisoner misbehaved? Somewhere inside her, Karina knew this was a suicide mission.

Karina was still lost in thought as Chane walked away.

"I'll meet you on the bridge in 10 minutes, suit up."

Karina ignored him. She had heard one of her commanding officers say that the prison was an all males prison, even the guards, which was routine. Most of the men were scumbags and having a woman in any vicinity was as good as throwing her to a pack of wolves. What Karina didn't understand was what she had heard next. with a laugh, her commanding officer told the rest of the class that the insane asylum portion of the ship had been co-ed.

Karina had gasped but none of the other students had put together what that meant. If anyone was left, what kind of people were being bred on that ship? Karina eyes suddenly focused on an object outside the window, a body. She watched it twist in slow motion past the ship, it's eyes were gouged out and the lower-half of it's jaw was missing, the bottom half of it's body was gone too and it's arms were gone and replaced with legs. The body continued it's quiet dance as it faded out of view. Karina took a deep breath, she had been prepared for this sort of thing... but no amount of prepartion could prepare her for the unknown. What could possibly lie ahead?

Exhaling, Karina gave one last glance at The Gulag, then left to meet Chane at the bridge.

LEAKED: Steve Jobs Desperate Iphone 4g voicemails

Posted by JMartin97 - April 7th, 2010

I started listening to Howard Stern last year. He's a genius and somebody that any newgrounder can appreciate, he basically uses his radio show to troll celebrities and say whatever he wants. I just did this article for my new website! about Stern.

Howard Stern - The Ultimate Celebrity Troll

I used to have a site at http://www.snowspot.net but my hosting was cancelled.. so it's gone *cries*... but now I have a new site and I still own the snowspot.net domain.

Also, if you're interested in doing some posting on my site, let me know, I'm looking for one or two other posters to help find content. Send an email to my gmail account.


Trolling... and Pedobear (Pic)

Posted by JMartin97 - March 23rd, 2010

http://tv.gawker.com/5500090/president -obama-signs-historic-health-care-refo rm-bill

I'm so happy the tea-bagger losers now realize how little of an influence they have. Looks like Obama made good on his promise. The bill doesn't fix the situation but it does help it, or it's a start at least.


/* */


Posted by JMartin97 - March 16th, 2010

http://tv.gawker.com/5494820/truck-dri ver-doesnt-see-car-stuck-to-its-bumper

Check out this insane video! A truck driver hits another car and then drives with the car stuck to his bumper. It's scary cause if the car hits the breaks, it could fishtail and go right under the truck. I dunno wtf I would do!

Truck Driver Doesn't See Car Stuck to His Bumper (video)

Posted by JMartin97 - March 6th, 2010

Oh man, I just posted this on gawker.

http://tv.gawker.com/5487252/armed-rob bers-make-off-with-european-poker-tour nament-jackpot

These 6 guys ran in with machine guns and robbed the place while the cameras were rolling. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

In other news, after fixing my broken computer, I'm back to work on LBA. I was stalled for a month and worked on Reboot a little. Damn, Reboot is such a mess, I did it in CS3 and it's 1.1gb and too big... but I'll still finish it! Don't worry. :P

I registered both:


Both aren't done yet but I have some stuff up. I have one more domain to register but I want to do it when the time is right :P

European Poker Tournament Robbed Live!

Posted by JMartin97 - February 27th, 2010

Finally decided to get a domain.



Go check out my stuff on gawker.com

Jon Martin - tv.gawker.comhttp://www.littlebigapoca lypse.com


Posted by JMartin97 - February 19th, 2010

These were damaged people but there was a difference, these people were bad before they were damaged... they weren't damaged goods... they were.... the damaged bads..

(Reboot's new name)

The Damaged Bads