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Hey everyone!

Check out the newest episode of Little Big Apocalypse! Inspired by Five Nights at Freddys! I am also releasing a very simple exploreable unity level of an area from the animation! I hope to eventually make the series a Unity-based FPS game of some kind, still have to learn alot of unity though(im a total noob)! Here are a few screens.

Little Big Apocalypse 5: Meatmall (13 min) : Click Here

Explore Westview mall: Click here 



Little Big Apocalypse 5 Renders

2015-06-26 02:11:28 by JMartin97

Hey everybody!

About a month ago I released Little Big Apocalypse 4, and it made it to the frontpage. Here are some images from the new episode, I started working on all the assets and models right after finishing the last episode. Episode 5 is kind of ambitious, and will, again, really test how much I can accomplish in 3d.

It's exhausting work trying to finish these in a month, in my free time... but I think I'm making some progress, both in terms of using 3d animation and using a pipeline to finish a product in a set amount of time. I really want to keep up this momentum! Learning 3d has made me really excited for animating again, it's also worth remembering I've only been doing this for a little over a year, so if you think it's impossible to learn 3d it's not!




FNAF-inspired episode of Little Big Apocalypse (3d pics)

2015-06-06 07:34:22 by JMartin97






I finished the script and now I'm working on designing all the assets for the new episode of Little Big Apocalypse. It's 5 pages long, and I sent it to my voice actors, so while I'm waiting for them to record I'm trying to finish as much as I can.

This episode is really strange, and like episode 4, does not happen in the comic. I'm also trying to complete it in a month, like the last episode, but this episode is much more complicated.

Five Night's at Freddy's fans will find a lot to like in this episode, but it takes it in a completely different direction, maybe even more disturbing. If it wasn't disturbing it wouldn't be my style :P

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Little Big Apocalypse: Episode 4

2015-05-29 03:02:20 by JMartin97



New animation released. Check it out! I'm not sure how many episodes I'll create, these episodes take a lot of effort, Hopefully a few people are enjoying it :)

Recently, I noticed there are so many movies being pushed through judgement that have 0 reviews. There needs to be more critiquing so artists can get better! :O and the community can thrive!! :D


REBOOT and Little Big Apocalypse in 4K (2160p)

2015-04-30 07:54:29 by JMartin97

Hey everybody,

I've recently been cleaning up my youtube page cause it was a depressing mess (it might still be :/) and I decided to upload all my cartoons in 4k! It's pretty crazy seeing everything close up without any slowdown. I didn't realize how much detail I put into certain things that just aren't apparent in the flash versions.

In the next few days I'm uploading all the REBOOT series in 2160p, probably way too high but fuck it, I want people to see every crappy pixel in the beauty of 4K!.. but actually since there is no slowdown, the crappy pixels sort of blur together to form, what I like to call ART (burn). Anyway now that I"m done totally burning the people I'm trying to get to watch my cartoons :D, Here are some embeds with custom-made thumbnails to entice you into clicking, if you don't click? You'll miss that super special thing I put in that you will love, yup. Check out some REBOOT and LITTLE BIG APOCALYPSE!

LIttle Big Apocalyse 2 (Watch this one it's so detailed! :O)

REBOOT 12 1/2 - I might reupload these because I think I might have exported them at a slightly lower resolution than I was supposed to.

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Little Big Apocalyps 3D (23 min) just uploaded to portal!

2015-04-21 14:57:51 by JMartin97

1642_142964285512_ScreenShot2015-04-21at9.39.41AM.pngAfter 2 years of on and off again work, and taking the time to learn how to animate in 3d... Little Big Apocalypse 3D is complete! It is a little rough around the edges but at 23 minutes, its jam-packed with entertainment, music, and adventure (and lots of blood)!

Don't just take my word for it, click here and watch! 


Hey everybody, well as it turns out making indie cartoons doesn't exactly pay the bills (suprirse!), so I started a patreon account so maybe I can get some fans to help me fund my next project. 

You can check it out here:


I created it in preparation for the release of my next cartoon, Little Big Apocalypse 3, which combines 2d and 3d animation. All together the episode is 20 minutes long! I decided that's a lot of effort if I'm not even going to TRY to make money with this stuff!! AHem. Anyway. If you're a bored person on newgrounds, that really wants to see something new and different, check out my work on REBOOT, and LITTLE BIG APOCALYPSE, then visit my patreon page and help me keep both series going!

This next episode is going to knock people's socks clear off their feet, and maybe if your feet are weak, it might just rip all the flesh off leaving a meaty stump... but if you donate $3 to my patreon I will draw a normal looking foot over your stump.

Here are some images from Little Big Apocalypse 3!


And once more: :D

Looking for voice actors for 2d/3d animation

2015-02-16 19:48:49 by JMartin97

Looking for voice actors for a new 2d/3d animation I'm currently finishing up. If you're interested and have done other work on newgrounds, please follow this link and audition!

Thanks guys!



Releasing a 3d animation on NG soon

2015-02-03 14:16:53 by JMartin97

So, I haven't posted in a realllly long time.. but that's because I've been hard at work trying to finish my previous projects. I started using maya and learning 3d and I'm almost done with my first animation, which is the newest episode of my series Little Big Apocalypse. There is a big chance I will stick to mostly 3d animations from now on, so the next episode of Reboot might be in 3d, and to be honest would probably be better because of it. Here are some images from my first 3d episode of Little Big Apocalypse. 


1642_142299069371_ScreenShot2015-01-31at9.15.36PM.png1642_142299072433_ScreenShot2015-02-02at10.32.34PM.png1642_142299078351_ScreenShot2014-12-07at5.12.26PM.pngEditing this one mostly in FCP :O (the old one, the new one is like a shitty iphone app)

1642_142299084551_ScreenShot2014-11-11at3.39.51PM.pngMental Ray reflections :O

Ok I think that's enough screenshots for now. This will be my first 3d animation, wish me luck :P If you also make 3d animations leave a comment or a link or something, I'm just getting into this so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

If you'd like to read the comic, you can read it at mangafox or

Hey, I'm here with some actual content to look at this time. Check out some screenshots from the stuff I'm working on. Not too many spoilers. Almost all of thsi stuff will change before I actually upload it. :P

REBOOT (flash):


Little Big Apocalypse: Chapter 11 (Comic):

Little Big Apocalypse : Episode 3 (Flash)


Working daily on all this stuff, and trying to speed things up so I can release everything soon. Stay tuned :D