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Its ok

I think the graphics are decent but it's just too short. I mean its a nice spoof but would have been much better with better graphics. Who ever reviewed before me is racist, talking about shooting a gun off in the church..Fuck him.


the graphics and sound were great but this isn't any fun to watch. Sure the 3d graphics are sweet but im not interested in them if i don't see anything interesting.


This wasn't very funny. I guess it has decent graphics though so everyone likes it.


I really don't get it. Guns are all the problem. Sure, people kill people but guns help alot. I don't get this. By not having guns we are turned into communists? So many lives would be saved without guns and you encourage people to buy them. I think you need to think about what your saying Mr. Kleebold.

A bit Lacking

I found this episode a bit lacking in the humor department. I mean comeon it was a little cheesy. I know you could have come up with somthing better then him getting stabbed in the dick. The score is a little high, I guess that's because you have other really good ones....or something.


You know whats really sad thats happening to NG? People are wasting 705k of space to show a looping song and some lines of text. Maybe you should stop and think that you just did the exact same thing. People complain about this all the time. It isn't going to change. Stop bitching. And wasting, the "precious" space on NG is exactly what your doing with this horrid crap. It's not even a movie.

I'm really getting sick of this

This was a great entry. But yet again it is another proffesional submitting to a forum for amateurs. I don't understand why every company that makes flash has to submit to the portal. If you want more hits just buy banner space. Again, great movie, but it shouldn't be here.


I don't understand why Troma submits all their stuff to NG. Thats why the have their own website. This Website is for ameteurs not for businesses. I thought this movie was great. I just don't think this kinda stuff should overshadow the work of other people here.


Bacon Bloopers were better


Why did u start posting on NG? Your like a company. This place is for ameaturs or people that are learning. It really pisses me off when someone with there own site, and there own audience decides to submit all their movies on to NG the same day. My movie"Behind the Scenes: Bacon" would have probably made it on the top 5. But thanks to the "E-Z Cheeze Brothers" That won't happen. If you want more traffic on your site make banner ads, We already have enough companies submitting stuff that is in the top 50.

Concluse, Little Big Apocalypse, REBOOT/Damaged Bags

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