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Ok, now that I checked all the usernames I'm pretty sure this was a big joke (all the stupid shape movies)... I don't really understand the point but it'd be a funny thing to do on april fools.

Still giving this one a zero cause it sucks :D


lol, this is like an attempt to stop serious animators from coming to this site right?


I will rate this accordingly:

Graphics: 4
Humor: 2
Failure: 10

I've taken dumps that had more work put into them than this. I'm not going to lie tho, it did have me loling. Not the actual script or humor or anything, just that this is on the frontpage. It's like.. wtf is going on at this site lol, it's like it's become some bizarro casual newgrounds where no one gives a fuck. Oh well, thanks for uploading this amazing piece of work, you took a lot of time and it's evident.

It's videos like this that can give everyone hope, even the kid who just downloaded his illegal copy of flash. Spend 3 minutes with the program and you can be on the front of newgrounds and famous, you don't even have to try. Don't worry about animating or anything. Heck, don't even worry about being funny. Loud screaming or casual talk between two unlikely things is good enough.

I think this video will start a revolution akin to sprite animation. Get ready everyone, the next year of NG will be all talking shapes... and I can't wait. The Locks and the Clocks really brought in a great group of people, I await the generation of the shape!


You are a sick sick man

This is pretty twisted and kinda sad.


Animation is spectacular, you animate like no one else.


Lol, so does this mean we can start uploading powerpoint projects?

*uploads powerpoint on deciduous trees*

Hmm.. something tells me submissions like this are the opposite of what NG needs... but I am just an opinionated , don't listen to me!


Lol, I loved the random freakout parts where the background changed color.

The PS3 is so worth it now though. Little Big Planet is like the newgrounds of videogames.

Anyway, great stuff!


I'm all for indie flash and creativity and whatnot... but this just wasn't entertaining. It was like having an annoying kid screaming in my face. You know? The kind of person that finds loud screaming and saying stupid things really funny. Maybe there was some clever stuff in here.. I imagine it got the frontpage because you had some decent animation/drawings hiddden in there.

I hated this.

But... you could do something really great... hopefully your style evolves into something more people can appreciate.

W-P-S responds:

man dis flash is so fuckin indie its UNBELIEVABL


It was funny but really way too short... and probably took an hour or two to do.. lol but congrats on daily second *_*

Funny as hell

Lol, this was great man! Great voice acting and transitions between locations.

One of the best on NG!

Wow. It really sucks you don't get more views/reviews.. this is probably one of the best things on NG. Good job ! I'm gunna go watch part 2!


Lol I can't believe some loser said you were desecrating halo... jeez get a life.

Anyway, that was hilarious, I lost it when he started kicking his leg lol.

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