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oh my god it's a robbery! Pretty good dialogue, the sound editing could use a little work, and the animation is a little too simple at points... but a lot of the FBF is really well done, especially on the close-ups. Looking forward to episode 2

It looks like you're off to a great start :) That's interesting that you use imotion, do you just use that? The hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation was very good. I think your next project should be a short with a little story, maybe with a lizard:P

hreyas responds:

Hehe thanks

I liked it but it needs to be longer, I was waiting for a big payoff at the end, like he cracks the mountain in half, or runs into a mountain and cracks it. The colors were bright and the sticks animation looked fairly decent. Make some more :)

I really liked the animation style, and the colors are really cool. It seemed like you could have made this a little longer, or that you cut it short, it would have been cool to see who threw the star. I like it look forward to seeing something a little longer

Nice and short, nothing like a flash of ballsack to brighten up your day :D

I was super-impressed with both the length of the animation, and how much work you put into all of this. I've been on newgrounds since 1999 and have been submitting flashes/videos since then(just released my newest this week).. so this video was kind of bittersweet. I do miss the days of the old NG.. and the excitement of those years, but like your video says there are a lot of great new artists submitting stuff everyday and if you look hard enough you kind find some really fantastic work.

Enjoyed it from beginning to end, had a great pace, I thought the friendship between Frogman and pico was cute (in the most masculine way possible), and you put a crapton of work into those fake submissions, i was really impressed. This stands right next to all the great past pico day submissions, great job.

artistunknown responds:

Thank you. I'm happy you took the time to watch it to the end and enjoy it for what it is. I'm glad you got the point I was trying to get across ;3

This really was made for the people who have been regularly visiting Newgrounds for a long time, so I'm glad someone who has been here as long as you have can appreciate it. Means I did something right.

Normally when responding to a review I try to respond to every individual point someone makes, but this is really the perfect example of a review I was hoping to get on this, because you really got what I was trying to do with it, and just enjoyed it. So all I can really say is thanks! ;3

This episode seemed to be a little rushed compared to the last one, and the soundtrack was a little too loud, but it was still some really cool ideas, you need to tighten up your editing a little, great job :)

It's obvious a lot of work went into this, great job! and keep making stuff! Not many people can create something so cool, now to watch the second episode!

Awesome animation, I liked that it was so long. Great voice acting too, kind of made me forget I was watching a flash. Now I'm going to watch the rest of the series.

Funny stuff

Great production values and quality, not your average flash for sure. What really cracked me up were the similarities to the robot eye character you have and the one in my series Little Big Apocalypse. The characters look exactly the same, they even talk similiar and the camera angles during those parts are also similar ... perhaps we are related O_o. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next one.

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