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This is nice but it's kind of like a bunch of gifs repeating over and over again. I'm confused as to why it's rated so EXTREMELY high. Don't get me wrong, your syncing is great but like you said, it's just rotoscope. Regardless, enjoy all this praise you lucky bastard. :P

Dustball responds:

Well in all fairness, all of that rotoscoping was EXTREMELY time consuming and difficult to do. Then there is the original sounds which turned into a sound and all of the synch... I'm glad most people seem to appreciate the effort.


Hey it's pretty good, short, obviously, but good. I think that it's all a little too cliched though. You need to put in REALLY weird stuff, this stuff on here we've seen in movies before, and the girl getting shot in the head was just...a girl getting shot in the head, didn't really disturb me. I would look up some really weird shit online, I don't know, do some research to find inspiration, I know that sounds weird but you could make a really kickass flick with your skills.


Not as bad as people are making it out to be. If you did one that was longer...itd be awesome. Great direction, it was spot-on. Pretty good animation too. Keep it up and make a story, good stuff.


Why is this rated so high, it's the least redeeming submission I've ever seen. All it is is rendered models dancing, he didn't even animate it. The backgrounds are minimalistic so he didn't have to do any work. Nothing is even happening in the backgrounds, it's boring, they're just dancing to mostly shitty music.

Anyone? Am I going nuts here?


I don't see what everyone thinks is so amazing about this. The drawings are very well done...but there is little to no actual animation. The story is not creative...at all, it's like a B-anime. It's just boring. Just still images, pans and talking talking talking. The talking wasn't even necessary really. Most of this could have been told without any words...and yet you have the character say EVERYTHING he see's.

"A key, wisdom, knoweldege,blah...blah blah"

I think if you applied your drawing and voice-acting skills to a more worthwhile story, this could be the best thing on newgrounds. As it stands, it's just bland storytelling with pretty pictures.

I only give reviews like this when I get pissed at the potential people have.


I'm sorry, I dunno if that was supposed to be funny, but it was fucking hilarious the way he dies, the car running over him and that little crunch noise...and the car just keeps going lol.

Work...Needs Work....

Your characters are really ugly, especially the guy character...I want him to die he's so ugly. The girl is OK, but annoying...wtf is with the guy with the afro? The bad guy was sorta badass but all he did was spew cliched dialogue, "it's past your curfew"?! The action needs a ton of work...not once did I feel the characters were in danger...heck, if they were, I didn't care. All we see is the silhoutte of the girl kicking the robot...it's fucking lame dude. People on NG want to see some decent action not power-rangers grade fights.

Otherwise it's decent...Nice graphics, really nice in fact, just hate the two main characters. The pace was slow as hell too....*sigh*...you need someone to help you with the action and music.

If you'd like some help or want me to explain what I mean, hit me up on Aim: Sonofbiznit

Peace man.


No more clocks, buy yourself some creativity with the money you earned whoring someone else's (lame) clock shit.

MonsterMunchClock responds:

There was lad called JMartin97,
Who thought he had gone to heaven,
He was touched in the pants,
By a man from France,
When he was only eleven!


This is a manipulative subpar powerpoint project. Why don't you show pictures of the people that were saved because of war you fool. If you're going to show such a biased piece of shit at least make it tolerable. This was horseshit.

It makes me wonder how you searched for pictures. "Emaciated people, dying people, dead people". Beyond fucked up.


Enough with the fucking clock shit.

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