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For the reviewer before me i have a couple suggestions.
1.Get A life
2.Grow up
3.Go away

The use of fag and gay in his review is just stupid, what the hell do gay people have to do with your movie. Just cause he has an incredibly small penis he try to make up for it by acting like that. It's ok Wicked...it might grow some day..

Well that was off topic. Good movie. IT's nice to see something new for a change.

What can I say?

Being the creator of Bacon I thought this would be cool to watch..but It wasn't funny. You got the boy meets world idea from me. The voices weren't even a spoof just really lame. When you make a spoof your supposed to make fun of something. It really pisses me off took some of the stuff out of my movie that I told you not to. I wasn't even mad you were parodying it and I wanted to help you, but taking the characters I drew and putting them in a movie and calling it your own just goes too far. This movie is shit and it gets the score that it has because of it. And its not funny..

Relax People

hey this made me laugh, I liked it. People on NG are so uptight.

Its ok

I think the graphics are decent but it's just too short. I mean its a nice spoof but would have been much better with better graphics. Who ever reviewed before me is racist, talking about shooting a gun off in the church..Fuck him.


I don't understand what is so funny about this. Its stupid. All you had to do was move around some bitmaps and get some music of napster. It was composed fine but I mean it's cliched and I've seen many things like it before. It'd be nice if this was more original. I'm getting sick of this videogame crap.

Randy-Solem responds:

Well, their gifs, not bitmaps, and the song is from the game, not napster...Are you too stupid to tell the difference? And if you're sick of this crap why are you watching it you dumb fuck! Duh.............


The only true thing about this is that it sorta blows.


Hey I think this was very good. After many of my own attemts at doing the matrix I know how hard it is and I think you did a really good job. Now if only they weren't stick figures.......


I had apretty good laugh at this one. Spruce up the graphics and it'll be great.


Hey this was real cool. I liked the whole anime look and how it looked like you didn't rush it. Keep up the good work I'm hoping this becomes a long series :)

Wow, Something original

Man your are really breaking boundries with orginal stuff like this. The graphics were ok but i really thought this was kinda lame.Oh yeah it was pretty freaking boring too!!! :) :) :)


Little Big Apocalypse, REBOOT/Damaged Bads

I don't know

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