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Great work

Awesome stuff, interested in seeing it evolve.


Amazing stuff, can't wait to see more, looks awesome.

danomano65 responds:

:D I'm glad that you enjoyed it!


Not a huge fan of claymation stuff.. but this is just damn impressive... great job!

KERRUPT responds:

Hi there. I've been doing stop motion for about 8 years now and it's great to see the feedback my little short has got. Hopefully I can convert a few Newgrounders. :o)

Thanks for the positive feedback and hope you're well.

After 10 of those...

I feel like you can die a happy man... you have an awesome vision and a really unique one.. congrats on this awesome episode, well worth the time you spent on it.


First of all, anyone that says they don't "understand what's going on" is retarded. What is there to understand? He's a murky, subversive, disturbing character with little to no connection to the real world. There is no overarching storyline, it's more like you're slowly developing the characters weirdness, which is not easy to do and the way you do it is pretty amazing!

When he excreted that thing from his stomach I was like, woah, I would have never expected that, if anything you keep people coming back with new strange ideas.

Ignore people saying this isn't as good as the old ones, it is just as good, and what's nice is that it's really long, more like two episodes together... congrats on another amazing flash.


Great artwork and awesome animation. I just wish Troll Story was a flash instead of a manga, then more people would see it. Maybe that can be your project after the manga is done? We can compete to see who adapts their "graphic novel :I" better. Bitch.

My favorite character is Jon Martin :3


I'm not a huge fan but I've followed your work.... this is pretty much a condensed version of what all your flash movies are like... screaming, yelling, weird facial expressions.... Animation is pretty bad ass but it's mostly just characters talking, and... there isn't any real humor to be found.

I keep trying to imagine what the script looked like, then I thought.. maybe you were just making it up as you went along.

You know what this is like? Will Ferrell... and it's why Will Ferrell isn't funny anymore.. just yelling for the sake of yelling... voice work is impeccable tho.


This is the most epic thing on the portal. I am in awe...

This series is pretty awesome and memorable

I'd give it a 10 just for the voice-acting alone. Great episode. Only thing I'd comment on is that not all the characters are equally refined, some look kind of rough while others look perfect.

Besides that, I can't imagine this being much better, wish it didn't end :'(

More footage

I can see you tried really hard on this, all I think you need is some more footage, there was a little too much text. Keep trying, you def have potential :)

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