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Pretty funny

notorious can suck it. lol first of all.. but yeah this was pretty good and pretty funny. I really liked the voice over in the guys head. I'm sure you could turn this into a series, it's a really good format, especially how you make examples really entertaining.

Great still

I'm just curious as to why you don't animate some of these things... I mean... u could at least make their hair move or something... the actual drawings themselves are great... but without actually animating it, it feels very cheap and out of place.

Really great

Great use of music and I really liked your style of animation, how you would sometimes skip certain frames and show the end result in slow motion(when he threw some guy into the fruit stand)

That said... not a big fan of him turning into whatever he did at the end. I also didn't really see why it was set in 3150... it didn't need to be that year.. and it really doesn't look like that year(I don't think..).

Besides that, you did something really great... this is something anyone would be proud to show off!


Great facial expressions and voice-acting... Congrats on the daily feature!


You need to slow stuff down. You tried to do way too much in a small amount of time, try to be more conscience of what the viewer is supposed to look at in the frame. When you put in subtitles in japanese and english, most people can't see that as a graphical addition, they see that as text and then they have to read it...and while they read it they can't watch what's going on. Stuff is going so fast in this that while you're reading the subtitles you have to quickly dart back and forth between the subtitles and the flash, it's pretty annoying. The japanese subtitles only add to the confusion and don't really have any purpose other to scream "IM INSPIRED BY THE JAPANESE", to which we would all say...no shit, it's pretty graphics, no story, anime-style characters, and the music ...

Just slow it down, concentrate on one scene and have no music except sound effects. You could really do some amazing stuff.

Manga-Otaku responds:

No, no, my distant internet-protected friend.

I AM Japanese, and so it's natural that I'm inspired by the Japanese.

I'm always inspired by the Japanese, so to speak.

Anyhow, I'm getting mixed reviews regarding teh Japanese Subtitles, but I beleive they should stay.

I mean, I'm not just catering to the American community.


It was good for a little bit of a laugh but for me that was just his facial expression when the error popped up. Make it a little longer next time, it seemed like the angel was killed too quickly...or that something was just missing.


This is pretty damn good tho :P

Let me say

It is QUITE ridiculous this has it's own series page. As it's not a series. There are other series out there...I'm not even talking about myself...that actually deserve a page like this.. morphemon? jesus....sorry I am taking my rage out but this just irks me.

This wasn't too impressive though. I don't understand it's popularity.

SirNightOwl responds:

Then you should try being a part of something big instead of just judging, next time join in and you'll understand


You guys usually do some great stuff but this is pretty low-brow and not even clever. Oh his dick turns into a chainsaw...where's the punchline? Hey why don't you do an episode on black people and call it N*****s of war? Why not? You could do really stereotypical stuff with them too!

Seriously though, maturity aside, you guys have lost your touch...this stuff might have been funny in 1999. Then again, a few of these guys are in the clock crew, which has been spitting real artists in the face since it's inception.

I find this really offensive.... and the tons of respect I had for you guys has definetly diminished a bit. If you're going to try to insult a group of people at least make it funny.

Keep working

"4th episode of SST. I'm not submitting the 2nd and 3rd one because they're not that good at all. "


keep practicing, it was kinda cool how many animations u did.

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