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Wow. Awe.

I hate sprite-based animation but this is the best I've ever seen, you are amazing my friend and the time and work you put in is really incredible. I hope this animation becomes as popular as I think it will be, you deserve to go down as an internet legend.


IF I wasn't gay I'd call this the gayest piece of faggotry I had ever seen. It happens that I am gay though, so I'll just let you know this doesn't deserve over a 2 and movies like this are ruining newgrounds.


Why is this graded so high? I didn't laugh at all while watching, the music was incredibly annoying. The ending was completely expectable...since you wrote it in the description. Just not funny I guess.

Super Lame

These movies are all the same, the same stupid music and the same gimmicky 3-d shit. Create something new, I'm sick of the Xiao Xiao stuff, did you even add a preloader?

What the Fuck

What the fuck is wrong with you people. That is one of the sickest things I've seen on newgrounds. It disturbs me to think that someone actually spent time making that. If your going to use subject matter like that please don't submit your crap to newgrounds. You should be ashamed.

Same Old stuff

All your movies look the same now, useless violence, sub par humor, and just unfunny stuff. I didn't laugh once during this. I also don't think it's funny killing a baby, I guess I'm just weird.

Don't worry

People don't understand this movie. Don't worry about it. I thought this was very funnny, It's supposed to be retarded and people don't understand that I guess. Good job.


This is the most utterly pointless movie I have ever seen. Spend your time doing something worthwhile...there were absolutely no redeeming qualities to this movie. Your movie shouldn't get better than a 0.35 (remember that) This sucks and the mario video is way better. This may have taken a lot of time to do...but what a waste of time it was to watch.


For the reviewer before me i have a couple suggestions.
1.Get A life
2.Grow up
3.Go away

The use of fag and gay in his review is just stupid, what the hell do gay people have to do with your movie. Just cause he has an incredibly small penis he try to make up for it by acting like that. It's ok Wicked...it might grow some day..

Well that was off topic. Good movie. IT's nice to see something new for a change.

Relax People

hey this made me laugh, I liked it. People on NG are so uptight.

Concluse, Little Big Apocalypse, REBOOT/Damaged Bags

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