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very impressive

Awesome as always! Great to see a new upload, congrats on the top 5 :D

guitarrob responds:

Thank you so much. I'm glad your enjoying the series so far. :)

"but you're not to yell at me..."

lost it at that part, lol

great animation and timing as always

Awesome, and good sound design, I bet this is on the frontpage very soon :)

Comick responds:

Thanks man! :) That would be awesome if it did!

sweet animation, good music choices :0

This stuff is really good, impressed

cfequiere responds:

JMartin97 thank you! Stay tuned for more episodes :)

Very nice, I enjoyed the animation style, although it was somewhat disturbing whenever the characters turned left or right XD. The jokes and dialogue and gag at the end was funny, my only recommendation would be to add some variety to your camera angles, it seems to all take place from a side-view, and I think if you add some different angles, it might make things feel a little more exciting. Look forward to your next animation :)

SingingmuteStuff responds:

Thanks! My next one is a bit more cinematic so there'll be a few more angles haha.

That was a really cool idea, and really funny :P I like the new antagonist, reminded me of those splatoon characters.

Really good animation, great colors and was entertaining from beginning to end :)

Jectoons responds:

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it!

It's obvious you put some work into this, I think it has an interesting atmosphere but is held back by how flat it looks. I think maybe adding some shadows and some animations to the scenes where everyone is standing still talking would help add a lot, you could also have the camera really really slowly panning in and out as they talk, even if it's from far away having some more movement would help a lot I think. I also think you need to add some close-ups, and maybe even think about finding voice actors. As I was watching this I couldn't help but think how much it reminded me of an animation in an App Store game or something. The sounds effects are sparse but well done, and the motion in the action scenes is pretty cool. Good job :)

MC-Skeptik responds:

Thank you for the critique! Yes, i plan on adding all of those things in due time(the most difficult being voices).

Concluse, Little Big Apocalypse, REBOOT/Damaged Bags

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